Hydra Desk

The Hydra Desk is our flagship desk case – it’s solid and lightweight aluminum structure come assembled in 3 parts, allowing to be get building within minutes of receiving the Desk! the 8mm thick tempered glass ensures full visibility of your rig, while protecting it from outside factors.

nr 01

The NR-01 is a convertible Open case that can be used as either a Bench-table, an Open cased, or a “classic” closed off case with the optional Plexiglass cover. It’s unique ability to be used in a variety of configurations positions the NR-01 in it’s own, unique, market segment.

defcon one

The Defcon One is the first case that allows you to showcase your SLI/CF configuration, or single GPU, in the best possible way, thanks to its vertical mounting brackets and fully transparent, tempered glass sidepanel.

Cable Combs

Cable management can be tricky – even once only the essential cable length is showing, it can still get messy; never again with our cable combs! Designed specifically for your cable management needs, the Hydra Cable Combs will both improve the looks and organization of your case!

Sleeved Cables

Aesthetics are an integral part of your battle station, and thw way your wires look can have a big impact on the final result. Our high quality sleeved cable extensions are fit or use with any PSU and case, allowing you have your cables, and your case, look their best.

Hydra Bench

Our brand new Bench Case


The Slimdesk is our answer to all those enthusiasts and modders who are looking for a compact desk case, having all it's advantages without being excessively space-consuming. The rivet and welding-free construction made out of steel and tempered glass combines ease of modding and customization with solidity and durability,granting ample building space in a high quality solution.

599 €