How can I order?
You can order our products either via our website, from one of our retailers or by sending us an email at
How much does shipping cost?
The shipping cost varies with the product you order and where it goes - email us for an estimate!
Where is the product shipped from?
When you buy directly from us, we ship directly Italy; if you buy from one of our retailers/partners, it depends on where the retailer is from.
I am buying from outside the EU - anything I need to keep in mind?
It's always good practice to check what the import taxes and custom duties may be when buying products from a different country/economi zone, so make sure to check on that to avoid "surprises" on delivery
Where are your products manufactured?
We design and manufacture our products in Italy
Can I customize my product?
There are a number of possible customization we offer - just send us an email and we'll let you know if it can be done!