• Meet HYDRA

    Italian PC Craftsmen

Italian Design

All our products are designed in Italy, in keeping with the best tradition of Italian style and design
we work in a possibility space where we can already see the final product and simply need to shape the metal for it to come to light.

High quality material

All our products are manufactured using high quality alluminum, steel , plexiglass and temepered glass, ensuring high quality and durability to all our line-up


We think customization is an essential part of user-experience: that’s why all our products can be completely dissasembled with a single Allen key, allowing you to easily customize or swap our parts.

Discover our products

Hydra's always keeping improving quality, our products
are studied, designed e made following our solid workflow,
ensuring qualityto our customers


they say about us..


We concieved our products
following requests from
International modder

Why Hydra?

At Hydra we are committed to the creation of cutting-edge PC cases and accessories.

Our work follow three simple questions:

  • What do PC Enthusiastwant?
  • What would we expect from a product ?
  • How can we improve on existing products?

By answering these questions, and listening to the community , we are able to expand on our ideas and tailor our products to what PC enthusiast and builder want, creating products that match the various needs and desires of our fellow PC enthusiast.